Hey Nev And Max, Cam'ron Wants You For 'His' 'Catfish'

Cam'ron hopes to shoot a video for his 'Instagram (Catfish)' with Nev and Max.

The "Catfish" craze continues to grow, and though he may be a little late, Cam'ron is a real fan of MTV's online-dating docu-series. In fact, Killa hopes he can land Nev and Max for a cameo in the upcoming video for his new track "Instagram (Catfish)."

"You know what's crazy, we did that song maybe about four or five months ago and I [first] seen it after we did the song," Cam told MTV News of the first time he saw the hit series, which follows online couples down a rabbit hole of deceit. "Everybody was talking about it, I thought it was a comedy. I was like, 'People are crying on here. This is a real, sensitive situation.'"

"Catfish: The TV Show" is no comedy, but every week spawns tons of social chatter, trending topics on Twitter and sometimes jokes from people trying to grasp the intricacies of online dating. The big season-two finale will air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

"We're shooting a video for that next week. We're talking to the guys who actually do the show, so we're trying to fit everybody's schedule accordingly so we can all be in the video," Cam told us. "But we're definitely shooting a video next week, even if they can't make it."

Either way it should be entertaining, "Instagram (Catfish)" is a definite stand-out on Cam's latest mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. Killa and guest vocalist Sen City use the slow and seductive backdrop to rap and sing about an online relationship gone wrong. "You ain't what I saw in that picture," Sen croons on the hook, leading Cam to rap lines like: "Not gonna con you boo, but I feel like you're conning me."

The track is part of an accompanying soundtrack for Cam's upcoming "1st of the Month" film series, which will blend gritty street tales with Killa's off-beat wit.

"We came up with a concept of making a mixtape or album or whatever where all the songs connected. Kinda like what R. Kelly did with 'Trapped in Closet,' but the only thing [is], R. Kelly kinda had was the same beat the whole way through. We got different beats and stuff," he said. "That's just one of probably like 10 concept songs like that, that's dope. It was just us talking about what we go through in a relationship."