Tove Lo’s New Short Film Is So Intense, It Was Removed From YouTube

Probably because of the masturbation. Or the coffin-straddling. Or really anything else in this vid.

Fresh off the release of her sophomore album, Lady Wood, Tove Lo has unleashed a 31-minute short film that tackles themes of sexuality, obsession, feminism, and probably a dozen more things you’ll miss on the first view.

The Lemonade-style film, titled Fairy Dust, features five tracks from Lady Wood: “Influence,” “Lady Wood,” “True Disaster,” “Cool Girl,” and “Vibes.” There’s a lot going on here: First, Tove is manically laughing then wheezily sobbing her way through a motel, then she hits a dark nightclub, crashes her car in downtown L.A., buzzes her hair, grinds atop a glass casket in the desert, and sets her motel room ablaze. In the NSFW end credits scene, she’s seen masturbating while a brand-new song, “What I Want for the Night (Bitches),” plays.

Fairy Dust was apparently so intensely sexual that it was removed from YouTube and is now only available on Vevo. To which Tove simply says, “HA.” Watch the whole thing here.

On Twitter, the Swedish singer said Fairy Dust is about the “never ending escape” and “all the rushes” that come with it. It’s also the first installment of a two-part series that involves another album and short film, expected in 2017. According to EW, that sequel LP and film will chronicle “climaxes and comedowns” and explore “what happens when those sparks start to cool.” Intriguing!

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