Here's Why Everyone Celebrated 46 Years Of Friendship On Facebook Yesterday

A glitch made long-held friendships last for 46 years.

New Year's Eve was cause for celebration for people across the world. But Thursday, Dec. 31 marked a stranger anniversary for many Facebook users of all ages: 46 years of friendship. A glitch in FB's coding software allowed users to celebrate this special occasion.

In response, many users took to other forms of social media to comment on their "anniversaries."

Facebook released a statement saying that their team of engineers were working to fix the bug "so everyone can ring in 2016 feeling young again." Some users believe the error was due to the Unix Epoch, which has an internal date of Jan. 1, 1970 (or Dec. 31, 1969) based on your time zone. Because the Facebook platform has been around longer than their normal "Friends since" feature, those 46-year-old friendships were probably your oldest friendships that were established before the feature.

As of right now, the glitch appears to be fixed, but for many, they'll still remember New Year's Eve 2015 as the day their friendships lasted a lifetime.

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