This 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Fan Theory Totally Changes The Game

SpongeBob definitely belongs at the Salty Spittoon

SpongeBob SquarePants comes across as a goofy, lovable screw-up, but what if that's not actually who he is at all? According to Reddit user arbidymeindustries, our favorite sea sponge is much more than he seems. He's apparently a Roman god.

At the end of the Season 1's "Neptune's Spatula," Roman god King Neptune turns SpongeBob into a god so he can bring him to Atlantis. Even though SpongeBob convinced Neptune he didn't want to go, we never see Neptune revoke SpongeBob's god persona — although SpongeBob does lose the ripped pecs.



The user backed up this theory with three main points of evidence.

Supernatural creatures obey and respect SpongeBob.



Unlike at the beginning of the episode, when Neptune mocked SpongeBob and overpowered him, Neptune now looks like a kid being scolded by a parent. Surely a god wouldn't behave this way to someone who wasn't physically more powerful than himself?

The Reddit user also pointed out how SpongeBob has taken on the feared Flying Dutchman various times and has always won.

SpongeBob has created life from nothing.



Bubble Buddy and Frankendoodle are perhaps the best examples of this, though arbidymeindustries also mentions the perhaps sentient rock that moves from "Pizza Delivery" and the revived skeletons from "One Man's Trash." You don't see Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, or Mr. Krabs ever anthropomorphizing things.

SpongeBob is able to manipulate others and achieves the impossible.


SpongeBob SquarePants

For starters, SpongeBob turns a musically challenged group of people -- er, marine life -- into full-fledged rock stars overnight in "Band Geeks." That's virtually impossible, but SpongeBob manages it without breaking a sweat.

Plus, as arbidymeindustries points out, "Hall Monitor" shows SpongeBob wearing proper policeman attire but able to get Bikini Bottom residents to continually crash their cars into things — even when they can see driving their car toward the wreckage will only cause more damage. Why else would they do that, unless SpongeBob could control the people below him and his godliness?

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