Kid Cudi Wants Green Day, Kings Of Leon On 'Cudder' Collabo Album

Rapper already has Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker and Clipse lined up for the LP.

[artist id="3066140"]Kid Cudi[/artist] went from mixtape phenom to the upper echelons of the Billboard albums chart in little over a year, so it's no surprise he wants to keep the ball rolling. What is a surprise is who he wants to keep it rolling with.

We already know he's hard at work on projects with rapper Chip Tha Ripper and Brooklyn electro duo Ratatat, but backstage at this past weekend's [article id="1624673"]Ulalume Music Festival[/article] in Columbia, Maryland, he revealed details of another album, a compilation disc he's dubbed Cudder. And he's aiming extra high on this one.

"Cudder is basically an album of me working with artists that have inspired me or artists that have helped me grow and people who I've always admired," Cudi said. "So far, we've got Snoop, Travis Barker -- trying to get Green Day onboard, hopefully, Kings of Leon, hopefully. I'm really trying to do all the collabs that I couldn't do for the [Man on the Moon] album, and then some, because the album was so themed that I had to strip a lot of features. We're going to have the Clipse on this compilation, Robin Thicke, hopefully we're going to get in the studio, I just did a record for [article id="1624781"]his upcoming album[/article]; it's amazing."

Cudi said he's aiming to have Cudder out by "summertime at the latest," and while the idea of him working with, say, Billie Joe Armstrong might seem a bit odd, he points to Moon tracks like "Pursuit of Happiness" (his collaboration with Ratatat and MGMT) as proof that he can pull it off and as a possible preview of how the song might turn out.

"On the Ratatat song, you can hear Ratatat and you can hear me; we don't compromise each other. That's the same thing I want to do with anybody I work with. ... I don't want it to be, like, a Green Day song with me rapping over it," he said. "What I want to do is, have the triangle effect. Have Green Day involved and have them co-produce with someone like a Ratatat or my producers, do like a joint thing, and then we all create from the ground up. That way, it's like a fusion of each sound and each inspiration."

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