Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, And More Transform Into Icons For 'Harper's Bazaar'

Icons other than themselves, I mean.

In case this summer didn't feel like it was flying by fast enough for you, you'll be pleased to find out that magazines are already unveiling content from their September issues. Among the earliest releases is Harper's Bazaar, which just dropped its 2015 Icons portfolio.

This year, Carine Roitfeld asked the participants—including Katy Perry, Oprah, Dakota Johnson, and more—to adopt the characters of their personal icons. She told The Cut, "We wanted [an] eclectic international mix of characters. You know, a mix like Warhol's Factory meets a Hall of Fame meets pop-culture icons of today."

With that in mind, here are the Katy, Mariah Carey, and Willow Smith's best impersonations.

Katy Perry as Elizabeth Taylor

Harper's Bazaar

Katy Perry

With her heavy eyeshadow and bold lip, Katy transformed in Elizabeth Taylor (with a nose ring). She told the magazine, "An icon transcends time. Liza was so fabulous and decadent and had a style that evolved with the years...and I'm sure I'll be married just as many times." Yaas, Katy. Yaaas.

Willow Smith as Kali

Harper's Bazaar

Willow Smith

For her idol, Willow Smith picked the Hindu goddess Kali. Willow says she picked Kali because in her experience of reading her mom's books about goddesses, "Kali stayed with [her] because she is "terrifying yet beautiful." Ideal combo, I'd say.

Mariah Carey as Marie Antoinette

Harper's Bazaar

Mariah Carey

Finally, there's Mariah Carey as Marie Antoinette, in knee socks, heels, a pouffy dress, and with flowers in her hair. While Mariah says, "I'm pretty much the opposite of Marie Antoinette, but it's always fun to throw on a costume." Um, not so fast there, Mariah—many people consider you a queen, just sayin'.

You can check out the rest of the icons on Harper's Bazzar's website.

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