'Pretty Little Liars' Star Lucy Hale: Illegal Or Not, Aria And Ezra's Romance Is 'Real Love'

Admittedly we here at Hollywood Crush have a big, well, crush on Ian Harding ... a.k.a. the man who fills the educational shoes of Ezra Fitz on "Pretty Little Liars." We once named him our Hump Day Hottie and we wept when we was noticeably absent from a few key episodes — but does this mean we condone his fictional relationship with Lucy Hale's underage high school student, Aria?

Well, we do think it is a bit sketch (after all, in the real world, Ezra would totally have his picking of women closer to his own age), but then we remembered how adorably cute Lucy Aria, is so how could he really resist? Still, during a visit with the ladies of Rosewood yesterday, Lucy admitted to us that while Aria's relationship with Mr. Fitz is, uh, unconventional, it is a bona fide romance.

"Coming from how I'm going to play the character, I look at it like there are genuine feelings," she said. "A lot of people think they have slept together, but they haven't. It's actually like real love — I feel like it is. I'm really hoping they can just stick it out till she gets to be of the legal age."

Don't worry, though, Lucy herself would never dare challenge the law like her alter ego. "I definitely, as Lucy, would never do anything like that because it is illegal," she insisted with a laugh, "but I like it in the show, I think it works."

Given our loyalties to Ian, we have to say we do, too, Lucy, we do, too.

Has the thought of Aria and Ezra's "illegal" romance ever weirded you out? Or, do you like them together no matter how old they are?

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