Stephenie Meyer Explains What Actually Happened With 'Midnight Sun'

"At first it was quite scary, because I had had my e-mail hacked once, and there was sort of this feeling like people were getting into my computer," she recalled. "But after I was able to track it down, it turned out that wasn't the case at all."

Instead, Stephenie said, the explanation for the leak was much less high-tech: "I was part of a writers' group early in, and we all would trade manuscripts, and I think someone made a copy," she said, adding that "there was no harm intended."

And as for why she hasn't revisited the story, the author said that actually, it was the success of the movies that really messed up "Midnight Sun."

"It wasn't something that I was in the middle of working on," she explained. "It was a project that I had been doing before. But I was working on the movies at that time and finishing up the last novel, and I was able to do that last novel without interference mentally from the film and the actors being the characters. But I could feel it seeping in more and more, and I wasn't able to really get into the characters completely separate from the movie anymore, so it didn't really feel like I could write it at that point, because it was a little tainted by that other vision."

So, basically, Stephenie Meyer can never again write about Edward Cullen, because every time she does she sees Robert Pattinson inside her head, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. And Hollywood. But mostly ourselves.

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