Watch Ed Sheeran Ski Straight Into Zoey Deutch's Arms

Just two snow bunnies celebrating cuffing season

If Daylight Saving Time bummed you out, Ed Sheeran's new "Perfect" visuals will get you stoked for winter. Director Jason Koenig filmed the music video, released Thursday (November 9), at Austria's Hintertux Glacier, a snowy landscape that brings all your winter wonderland fantasies to life. This is where Sheeran hits the slopes with his friends and his dream girl, played by Zoey Deutch.

Their picturesque vacation includes ski lift cuddles, drunken singing, pizza, an adorable kitten, and too many scenic views to count. You don't need a filter to capture this kind of beauty.

Sheeran is known for penning swoon-worthy love songs, and "Perfect" sounds like it was written to be played at weddings. In other words, "Perfect" is the "Thinking Out Loud" of the ÷ era.

"I remember thinking I would never write a song as good as 'A Team.' And then 'Thinking Out Loud' came, and I was like, oh, OK, well maybe it's not impossible," Sheeran told BBC ahead of ÷'s release last March.

"So going into this album, there was no worry at all because I knew I'd done it before. It's not like 'Thinking Out Loud' will be the peak of my career. It's definitely happened on this album. There's definitely one that's better," he continued, alluding to "Perfect."

To hear more about how ÷ came to be, watch MTV News' interview with Sheeran, below.