Justin Bieber Auctioning Off His Snake For Charity

Fans can bid on Johnson now, with all proceeds going to Pencils of Promise.

[artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] is auctioning off Johnson, the baby boa constrictor [article id="1669835"]he brought to the 2011 Video Music Awards[/article], with all proceeds going to Pencils of Promise, one of the organizations he's sponsoring through his [article id="1673555"]Believe charity drive[/article].

That means one lucky fan has the chance to win a decidedly unique bit of Bieber memorabilia.

Bidding is now under way over on the Charity Buzz website (Johnson is currently going for $175, FYI) and closes November 29. Of course, only serious bidders need apply, because if you end up winning the auction, you'll be on the hook for the long haul, as a disclaimer on the site cautions:

"Keeping a pet snake is a long-term responsibility. Before making any decision about keeping one, please ensure you have the money, space, knowledge, time, resources and enthusiasm required to properly care for the species you intend to keep, for the duration of its life."

Enthusiasm is key, since boa constrictors can live 20 years or more in captivity, and, as Charity Buzz states, "the welfare of this snake is the sole responsibility of the adopter ... the adopter agrees to give the snake good care, which includes quality premium food, fresh water, sanitation and grooming, clean and secure indoor housing, clean and secure outdoor housing and overall safety." The winning bidder must also guarantee Johnson's veterinary care will be provided for.

Bieber announced the launch of his Believe charity drive earlier this month, with the release of his Under the Mistletoe. He's donating a portion of the sales from the holiday disc -- which just [article id="1674037"]debuted at #1[/article] on the Billboard albums chart -- to charity and is encouraging fans to match his donations to seven specific organizations: the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Pencils of Promise, Musicians on Call, Project Medishare for Haiti, City of Hope, the Boys & Girls Club of America and the Grammy Foundation.

Will you bid on Justin's snake? Let us know in the comments!

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