Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Are Living It Up In Paris Ahead Of Their Wedding

Their lavish French wedding could be imminent

Who's up for a French wedding? Soon-to-be "newlyweds" Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, that's who!

The couple have been spending plenty of time in Paris lately, which could only mean one thing: their "official" wedding could be right around the corner.

They've been spotted swapping kisses while exploring France, and it looks like it's all in a bid to get ready for their upcoming nuptials in the City of Lights. The pair have been here and there throughout the city, posting to Instagram with a show of major PDA, and it has us wondering if the date has finally been set.

"🇫🇷 me 😏," both Jonas and Turner have captioned their pics in a cheeky display, which obviously means "French me." They're not French kissing in the snaps, but it certainly looks like they could at any moment.

A quick look through their snaps' comments shows none other than Dr. Phil himself saying "Easy now! 1 week to go! Ha! See you at the wedding!" and friends noting "See you soon ❤️ birds," which basically confirm that the pair are looking to get their wedding underway in just a week.

The Paris wedding will be their "official" ceremony, if you're keeping track. Though the pair originally chose to tie the knot at the famous Chapel L'Amour inside A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, it was only meant as a "placeholder" of sorts until their actual ceremony. In Vegas, they exchanged Ring Pop candies as they said their vows, and Diplo himself livestreamed the entire thing, which Joe Jonas jokingly had said "ruined" the experience.

It was an event to remember, for sure, but ever since we heard that the pair were planning something big and extravagant in Paris, we've all been wondering when, exactly, the "official" wedding might take place. If these new comments and photos are any indication, it could be happening a lot sooner than we expected. If Dr. Phil's comment is true, especially, we've only got about a week before the wedding now. Here's hoping there are plenty of photos and videos of the event, which has been the Jonas and Turner was for previous events so far.

The countdown begins. How excited are you?

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