Watch Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Video, Featuring Appearances From Beyoncé And Blue Ivy

The stunning short film is finally available to watch on YouTube

After an exclusive release on Tidal, the video for Jay-Z’s title track to his new album, “4:44,” is now available to watch everywhere.

The song is one of the project’s most talked-about because of its intensely personal subject matter — Jay raps about the pain he’s caused his wife, Beyoncé, and apologizes for his past indiscretions. The video, however, covers much broader themes. It opens with a young boy singing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” and then cuts to a clip of singer Eartha Kitt speaking about love and relationships.

The rest of the eight-minute epic sews together viral videos showing different facets of black American culture. The mood lightens when we see footage of Jay and Beyoncé performing “Drunk in Love,” seemingly dancing through their pain. Finally, the closing moments capture their daughter/aspiring rapper Blue Ivy beaming joyfully in an unreleased video.

It’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but a worthwhile watch nonetheless (especially for that prime Blue Ivy content). Check it out:

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