You're Doing It Wrong: Alec Baldwin Arrested In NY Bike Incident

Actor also hit with disorderly conduct charge.

There are a couple of rules to riding a bicycle in the city: wear a helmet and pretend like you're one of those cars that are always trying to run you down by obeying all the traffic laws.

On Tuesday morning (May 13) it seems like Alec Baldwin forgot both of those rules, and maybe one more. According to reports, Baldwin was arrested in New York for riding his bike the wrong way down a city street and not having proper ID on him when officers pulled him over.

The incident occurred on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and, according to TMZ, police sources described the former "30 Rock" star as being "belligerent" with arresting officers while in custody.

Baldwin reportedly got a disorderly conduct citation on top of his bicycle infraction as a result.

The incident comes less than three months after Baldwin penned a scathing essay for New York magazine in which he officially said good-bye to public life.

At press time a spokesperson for Baldwin could not be reached for comment.

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