The Cars' Benjamin Orr Hospitalized

Former Cars bassist Benjamin Orr, who sang lead on the band's classic singles "Just What I Needed" and "Drive," has been hospitalized in Atlanta with a growth on his pancreas.

Derek St. Holmes, Orr's bandmate in the group Big People, has posted a message on his official Web site ( reading, "Ben Orr is awaiting diagnosis at Piedmont Hospital regarding a growth found on his pancreas.

Get-well e-mails sent via St. Holmes' site will be hand delivered to Orr, the statement notes. Cards, flowers, and well wishes can also be sent Orr's way via the following address:

    Benjamin Orr 1400 Bank One Center 600 Superior Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114

As a member of The Cars, Benjamin Orr shared vocal duties with guitarist Ric Ocasek and played bass guitar on the group's self-titled 1978 debut as well as the hit albums "Candy-O," "Panorama," "Shake It Up," and "Heartbeat City."

He also released a solo album, "The Lace," in 1986.

More recently, Orr has performed with Big People, an Atlanta-based group which has included current and past members of the Ted Nugent Band, Damn Yankees, .38 Special, the Pat Travers Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others.