Robyn And Royksopp's 'Do It Again' Video Will Make You Want To Start A Riot

Why are you just sitting there?

Robyn and Royksopp's buoyant "Do It Again" may be the perfect track for a carefree night out, but the video… well, it's a little heavier than that.

A theatrical six minutes long, the Martin de Thurah-directed visual is the story of a rebellion -- a story of defiance meant to inspire you to do more than dance. But despite the weight of it all, there's still sex, there's still romance, and there's still plenty of dancing. This is still Robyn, after all.

Speaking with Dazed Digital, who premiered the clip on Monday (July 21), de Thurah said the clip is meant to capture the pursuit of something unattainable.

"The stories we worked on and the world we created was much more interesting and captivating than just to focus on (the artists') performance," he said. "I worked with the idea of 'what is our heart's desire?' – and I realised that no one in the world truly gets to live out their passions. We are all under some construct, whether you're an atheist living in Denmark or a gay person in Russia."

"Do It Again" is the title track off Robyn and Royksopp's joint project, for which they're currently on the road.