Joey Bada$$ Just Finished His Album And It Will Feature Hit-Boy, DJ Premier And Kiesza

'B4DA$$' is on the way.

Joey Bada$$ has been teasing fans with the release of his debut album, B4DA$$, since he announced the title back in early 2013. And though there's still no official release date on the project, the music is ready.

"At this point, the album is completed," Joey told MTV News on Wednesday. "[I finished it] literally two days ago. It's been pretty much completed for a while, but it's like when you make ice cream, it's that cherry on the top that really brings it all together. The whole time, I've been searching for sprinkles, and now I got it nicely decorated and everything, so it's ready to go."

Anyone who has heard the Brooklyn native rap knows that the rhymes will be on point -- and it sounds like he called in the production to match. "I worked with Statik Selektah heavy," he said. "I worked with DJ Premier. Hit-Boy. There's Kirk Knight. There's Chuck Strangers. Zo Supreme."

All of those producers fit with Joey's sound, and we've heard him rhyme over some of their beats in the past. But he also has at least one collaboration that's a bit more surprising: Pop/electronic artist Kiesza. The two worked together on "Bad Thing," which dropped this week. While that was her record, featuring Joey, she also returned the favor for his album.

"Once I seen her 'Hideaway' video, which is like her biggest song, her breakout single, it really blew my mind," he explained. "The way she combined the music with the dance and everything like that. It's sick."

"I hit her up, just showing love. And then she hit me back, and she was like, 'Let's work.' And then I literally went to her house a week or two after that, and we did two tracks -- one for her album and one for mine."

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