All Hell Breaks Loose In The Final 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes' Trailer

Whatever you do, don't shoot.

Caesar loves humans. It's a shame his fellow apes don't share the sentiment.

It's all-out war between ape and mankind alike in the final theatrical trailer for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," and by the look of it, no side will emerge unscathed. The second film in the rebooted "Apes" series takes place several years following the end of "Rise," with mankind on its knees after a deadly plague wiped out the vast majority of the global population.

A group of humans led by Malcolm (Jason Clarke) encounter a surviving pocket of super-smart simians in the woods, led by Caesar (Andy Serkis). Their immediate bromance isn't powerful enough to overcome Malcolm's peers' fear of the apes, leading to a brutally violent confrontation between both sides.

It's sad that we're at the end of the "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" trailer rollout, but on the bright side, we're that much closer to the film's actual release. If you're in need of more "Apes" goodness before the movie hits theaters next month, we have you covered with this exclusive first clip featuring Malcolm and Caesar's very first and (very awkward) meeting:

Directed by Matt Reeves, "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" hits theaters on July 11.