Sophie Turner Wanted This One 'Game Of Thrones' Death To Go Down Differently

Didn't we all?

Game of Thrones was an emotional rollercoaster for us all. And although the series didn't end the way many of us expected, several of the actors have since defended its ending — especially after all the backlash that it received online. Sophie Turner, for example, told The New York Times back in May that the fan-made petition to remake Season 8 in its entirety was "disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years." And while we totally agree, that doesn't mean Turner didn't have her own hopes and dreams about how the hit series would ultimately pan out.

Turns out, Turner was hoping that Cersei, who was controversial from the very beginning, would've died a more satisfying death. "I thought Arya would kill Cersei," Turner revealed in an interview with The Wrap. Alas, Cersei's life came to an extremely anticlimactic end when she was crushed by a collapsing building in the arms of her brother/lover. And like many of us, Turner said she "would like to have seen Sansa and Cersei reunited, or Arya and Cersei." However, she totally understands why things ended the way that they did. "There were so many ways the story could have turned out," Turner said. "I felt very passionately about the ending for Sansa, and I was very happy with the ending that turned out for her."



Considering how briefly some characters appeared on the series, Turner's right. Sansa's character had a great ending and survived all eight seasons — which is a lot more than most other characters could say. And although she didn't end up ruling over all of Westeros, surviving on a series that loved to kill off fan favorites was an accomplishment in itself. "I think everyone was terrified of being axed the whole time," she said. "Every single page, it was like, 'Oh, my God, is this it?' And then to find that I made it to the final episode and to the final scene was great."

Well, there you have it! Turner's generally pleased with the show's ending, despite Cersei's shockingly mundane death. And yes, she's also completely fine with Bran ruling over the six remaining kingdoms. She told the outlet, "I think it's true what Tyrion was saying: Bran holds all of our stories, and we can't move on unless we remember our history. Daenerys had to die. Cersei was a mad queen. Arya is too much of a free spirit. Sansa probably wouldn't want to rule the seven kingdoms anyway — she wanted to stay in the North and defend the North. I really think Bran might be the perfect person for the job." Well, when you think about it like that, it seems like everyone landed right where they belong. Don't you think?