'Sons Of Anarchy': 7 Questions About 'Toil And Till'

War is on its way to Charming.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

The Jury's out on Jackson Teller.

On the latest episode of "Sons of Anarchy," Jax's vengeance quest against the Lin Triad exploded in an unexpected way. In killing and framing two seemingly arbitrary thugs for an assault on the Triad's business, it appears that Jax actually killed the loved one of a very close ally. There are few things more dangerous than a friend turned enemy, especially one who knows everything about your elaborate plan to avenge your deceased wife.

Here are some of the biggest questions that emerged from "Toil and Till."

1. Is Jax Taking This Vengeance Thing Too Far?

Short answer: YUP. In "Toil and Till," Jax tells SOA's Indian Hills chapter President Jury that he intends to weaken Henry Lin's alliances, become his only friend, then reveal himself as Lin's betrayer, before killing everyone Lin holds dear, then finally Lin himself.

It's an elaborate plan, motivated by little more than vengeance — wrongfully placed vengeance, at that. Lin did not kill Tara; Gemma did. Jax has no idea who his true enemy really is, and his misguided, visionless vengeance quest will drag the whole club to Hell with him.

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2. What Do We Think Of August Marks' Advice?

The newly anointed King of Guns tells Jax that if there's one lesson he learned from Damon Pope, it's that patience solves all problems, both in business and on the streets. "Clarity settles all scores," he says. "It pays back all debts."

If Jax just listened to August's words of wisdom, would he come to his senses and realize that killing his way up to Lin is the wrong move? Would he figure out Gemma's role in Tara's death? Could've, should've, would've — Jax has already made his bloody bed, and now he has to die in it.

3. Will Jury Become Judge And Executioner?

At the end of "Toil and Till," Jury discovers the two men Jax framed for the hit on the Triad. It turns out that Jury is very close with at least one of these men. Could it be his son? It certainly seems likely, based on how the episode's ending cuts between Jax and Abel, and Jury and the body in his arms.

This is not good news for Jax. Jury knows Jax's entire plan, and he knows Jax killed these boys. Will Jury use Jax's plan against him, destroying SAMCRO from within? Will he turn to the Lin Triad for an alliance? However it shakes out, Jax just made an enemy out of a friend — the kind of thing that happens when you don't have a vision.

4. How Long Before Charming Runs Red?

Lin threatened Jax that if he doesn't deliver the people who killed his men, then he'll retaliate by bringing war to Charming. That's the last thing that Jax and SAMCRO want. But at this point, it feels inevitable.

Jax's "carefully" laid plan is bursting at the seams. One slip of the tongue, and Lin will know everything. Once that happens, will Lin make good on his threat to "turn Mayberry into a god damn killing field"? Is there anyone who can stop that violence from happening?

5. Is Unser A Marked Man?

Perhaps the newest man on the Charming Police Department payroll can keep the idyllic town's streets safe. But Wayne Unser has other priorities. He wants to know who killed Tara. Little does he know, the killer is the same person he's loved for all these years. Even worse, Gemma knows that Unser is working with CPD, and has his heart set on solving Tara's murder.

With each passing day, Gemma's house of cards shakes and rattles. We've seen what she's willing to do to protect her family. Would she kill Wayne in order to preserve her secret? Or is that a bridge too far, even for Gemma? On second thought, no bridge is too far for Gemma Morrow Teller.

6. Is Juice An Idiot?

Short answer: YUP. When Gemma says "time to go," it is time to go. But Juice, who already freed Unser because he couldn't bring himself to kill the old man, can't leave Charming. Driving down the main strip, looking around at all the pretty people, Juice has a change of heart. He even calls Chibs! Juice decides to stay in town at Wendy's, totally lost and not sure what to do next.

Juice, here's what you need to do next: LEAVE. THIS. PLACE.

If Juice does not leave Charming, it won't be long before Mr. Mayhem and SAMCRO find him. Why can't he get that through his thick skull? Well, perhaps it's as Unser says: Juice is "kinda like a child… not too savvy." In the world of "Sons of Anarchy," you need some savviness to stay alive. Time's running out, Juicy boy.

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7. Will Rat Ever Ride Shotgun With Tig Again?

Whew. That's a hard decision.

What do you think will happen on "Sons of Anarchy" next week?

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