Steph Curry And The Warriors Got Some REALLY BIG RINGS So Of Course They Rapped Drake And Future

There was lots of Drake on the team's opening night.

Drake's lyrics have long proven ripe for social media post plucking, and that isn't just when regular people like you or I are trying to apply one of the many Drake-isms to our lives. The Golden State Warriors, who won the 2015 NBA championship in June, are in the same boat as the rest of us.

On Tuesday night, as the Dubs opened the new season at home against the New Orleans Pelicans, they were presented with their championship rings for last season's accomplishment. And they were some REALLY BIG RINGS. So, naturally, the team rapped Drake and Future's "Big Rings" on the court, post-presentation and pre-tip off.

That's Draymond Green front and center leading the lyrical charge, with some help from Klay Thompson to his left and Brandon Rush to his right. Steph Curry (with the shot) is creeping in on the right side of your screen.

As you can see, the team's official Twitter account doubled down, with the "cause I got a really big team... ?" caption. And they weren't done. Aubrey-inspired quotes guided the way for much of the night for the champs' account.

A "Jumpman" reference.

What a time...

A Drake gif because why not?

Taking it back a little -- with a "Tuesday" reference.

And one more time for "Big Rings."

Posting as many Drake quotes as possible seems to me like the exact formula they'll need to repeat as champs. That and Steph Curry continuing to torch opponents, like he did last night, when he dropped 40 points, including 24 in the first quarter.

Mostly the Drake stuff, though.

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