Mariah Carey Explains Jab Wasn't About Kim Kardashian

'I don't read the tabloids unless it's about me,' new Jenny Craig rep says.

When Mariah Carey sat down with Gayle King to announce she is the new face and body of Jenny Craig, she also opened up a bit about her personal life, including life as a new mom to [article id="1673043"]"dem babies,"[/article] cooking for her famous friends and married life.

When asked how she and Nick Cannon keep their marriage strong, she explained, "There's no teams; me and Nick are the same team always ... Sometimes we make each other mad. That's why we're not divorced after four months. I'm just saying this Hollywood thing ... did I say something that is wrong?"

The statement had many in the room laughing, given the fact that [article id="1673738"]Kim Kardashian[/article] recently made headlines for breaking up with her hubby, Kris Humphries, after even less time. However, Carey insisted she wasn't referring to anyone in particular.

"First of all, I don't read the tabloids unless it's about me. And even then, when it is about me, I try not to read it unless it's good,"

target="_blank">Carey told "Extra." "I don't look at these people.

"I don't even know what it is, but I do know that marriages come and go really quickly in Hollywood."

Carey famously divorced record executive Tommy Mattola in 1998, and the pop star says when she married Cannon in 2008, she did it with the intention of staying married.

"A lot of people have high-profile moments, and then they get a divorce, and I'm sure it's very painful for them," she said. "My thing is: I don't want that. I got married to stay married. I want some stability for our kids, and Nick feels the same way.

"Not only are we both kind of jokesters, for the lack of a better word, we are also kind of provincial in that way. I think we both believe in trying to make it through. I'm proud of it."

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