You Have To Watch These Marines Get Super Into Singing 'Let It Go'

'Semper Fi, Semper Fi,' they are one with the wind and sky.

Listen, I know you may think you're all "Let It Go"-ed out, and you're like, "but it's spriiiiiiing, why are we even still talking about 'Frozen' haven't you had enough snow, geeeez."

And the answer is, no, no we haven't. We thought we'd had enough, and then we saw this video of Marines doing their damnedest to sing along with "Let It Go," and we realized that it was just what our cold hearts needed.

You probably need it too. Seriously. Be sure to keep watching until a) Princess Elsa raises her ice castle from the ground and b) She whips her hair sassily out of its braid. That, apparently, is a really big moment for these Marines, who literally ooh-rah with approval.

These guys not only serve our country, they delight our hearts as well.