'Teen Wolf' Poll: Will Liam Make A Good Addition To Scott's Pack?

In order to save the freshman's life, Scott had to bite him -- and you know what that means.

Scott McCall and his friends might have taken down an alpha wolf, a few Oni and the dreaded Nogitsune, but on tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, a new student (and a freshman, at that) had 'em beat.

Liam, who'd transferred from a private school to play lacrosse for Beacon Hills High School, was a force to be reckoned with as soon as he stepped onto the field. And though it seemed like he had the power of the supernatural on his side, Scott couldn't smell or hear a trace o' werewolf on 'em. Liam embarrassed Scott and Stiles through most of the tryout, but incumbent captain Scott eventually got his act together by the end of a two-on-two scrimmage, and laid a hit on Liam that was so hard, it landed him in the hospital.


As has been the case many times in Beacon Hills, though, that turned out to be the most dangerous place an injured person could be; when Sean, a wendigo, started chowing down on the building's patients, Liam found himself in harm's way. After apprehending Liam, Sean dangled the injured student over the edge of the hospital's roof while holding Scott's arms behind his back. And when it looked like Liam was a goner, Scott thrust out his jaw and caught Liam's arms...with his teeth. The good news? He's saved, and his busted leg will probably be good as new by morning. The bad news? He may not have wanted to be a werewolf.


Now Scott, who's never, himself, turned someone from a human into a werewolf, has a potentially incredible asset to add to his pack. But we can't say for sure if Liam is ready to play ball. So will he be a blessing or a curse to the True Alpha?

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