Katy Perry To Release 'Teenage Dream' On August 24

After dropping 'California Gurls' on Monday, the pop singer stakes a claim on the summer.

[artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] has established that she's [article id="1638798"]Maxim's[/article] idea of a dream come true, and now the pop singer is preparing to deliver the Teenage Dream to the world on August 24. Having already released the upcoming album's [article id="1638711"]lead single, "California Gurls,"[/article] as snippets of other possible tracks for the album have been [article id="1638572"]leaking online, Perry[/article] is staking her claim on the summer of 2010.

After Jay-Z got the party started all across the country with his New York-centric track "Empire State of Mind last year, Perry was inspired to write "California Gurls" for her side of the country. "Everybody was holding their drinks in the air and dancing, and I thought, 'We're not in New York, we're in Los Angeles! What about California? What about all the homies, the gin and juice, the swaying palm trees, the sun-kissed skin 24-7,' " Perry said in a statement. "I decided that we needed to make a response. I want people to want to book a ticket to California the first time they hear it!"

And to that end, she knew she had to get Snoop Dogg onboard for the track. "We thought it would sound so cool and give the song another dimension," she explained. "Snoop is as West Coast as it gets."

Hitmaker Dr. Luke has been tweeting about the process of making Perry's "big record" (while also posting funny cat videos, perhaps to confuse would-be leakers). And Perry tweeted about the video shoot for the single on Monday, writing, "Saw the most drool worthy cali gurls @the dance auditions for the Music Video! Ready 2 melt all popsicles around the world. #californiagurls."

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