Meet The 'Million Dollar Maze Runner' Teams

Which duo has what it takes?

What do a Long Island bartender, a snowboarding star, a singer/songwriter, a pole fitness aficionado and a track star have in common? They're all competing in MTV's "Million Dollar Maze Runner" this Sunday, doing their best to win a million dollars and a brand new Scion.

Nobody knows what awaits our competitors in the maze, but we do know that this contest is going to be awesome. Four teams of two, one male and female on each, will enter the maze and see who comes out victorious, as "The Maze Runner" star Dylan O'Brien announced at the 2014 Video Music Awards.

We can hardly wait for this weekend's showdown, so it's time to meet our competitors.

First, let's get familiar with the girls and the guys competing, because who doesn't like a classic battle of the sexes.

The Girls

The Guys

Now that we've met all of our Maze Runners, it's time to break it down team by team.

The Green Runners: Hannah And Marvin


They've got the athleticism, but do they have what it takes to win?

The Red Runners: Shelby And Victor


Could this multi-talented duo take the top prize?

The Blue Runners: Daryn And Chris


These two own the slopes and the streets, but how will they fare in the maze?

The White Runners: Peter And Diane


Could this team be the one to take it all?

Who are you rooting for?

Be sure to tune in to "Million Dollar Maze Runner" on Sunday, September 14 at 11 p.m. EST to find out who reigns victorious in the maze.

"The Maze Runner" hits theaters September 19.

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