DJ Khaled Has A New Single With Jay Z, So Why Is He So Mad?

'Every summer's mine,' Khaled declares to MTV News.

DJ Khaled gets all the biggest names on his records -- everyone from Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, T.I. and Young Jeezy have chipped in on those star-studded LPs. Still, there's at least one rap superstar who Khaled hasn't gotten on any of his previously released seven albums -- until now.

"And guess what? I just left Marcy Projects," Khaled screamed, beating his chest during an MTV News interview last Tuesday.

"What you think I'm playing with this sh--? Eight summers, I got Jay Z, Shawn Carter; I got Hova on my first single," he said before slamming the mic to the ground. "F--k this sh--, I'mma show the game, boy."

Khaled had come to the MTV newsroom to announce he has a new album coming this year and that its first single will feature the mighty Jay Z. Things started off calmly but took a loud and boisterous turn after the decorated hitmaker was asked what could he possibly do on this next album that he hasn't done before.

"Every summer's mine," he said getting up from his chair. "I'm the king of the anthems. It's been seven summers. Well now, it's gonna be eight summers. Summer's mine man."

Since dropping Listennn… the Album in 2006, DJ Khaled has hoisted a few platinum and gold plaques and gone on to executive-produce albums for Rick Ross. His We the Best record label has signed artists like Ace Hood, Vado and Mavado. To say that Khaled takes pride in his accomplishments is an understatement.

"I do it for the people, I do it for the streets. The streets gonna rise up and that's on my mama," he said. "I been doin' this. People think it happens, it just don't f--kin' happen, I make these f--kin' hits and put these f--kin' hits together and make the biggest motherf--kin' anthems in the game."

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