WTF Did Shia LaBeouf Just Tweet?

We dissect the actor's cryptic return to Twitter.

Aaand, he's back.

Shia LaBeouf has returned to Twitter after months of silence. Following his three-week long "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" stream, LaBeouf apologized for the last time and crawled into a social-media-hibernation. The reclusive actor appeared only once more to post a quippy "Out of Office" memo and leave his followers an email address contact.

However, on Wednesday (May 7), the "Nymphomaniac" star reclaimed his social spotlight with a cryptic message:

Let's break this down and see what Shia is getting at:

A Noun And Two Verbs

With these three definitions, maybe he's telling us that he's going to start using his Twitter account as a New Age dictionary? Word of the day, anyone?

'To Post Vitriolic Electronic Messages'

In Internet terms, the word "flame" is used to describe the action of sending an abusive message via email. Since Shia's last post included a contact address, perhaps he's been a victim of flaming over the last few weeks?

'To Burst Forth With Strong Emotion'

Maybe he's just trying to tell us how he feels. The third definition describes intense, often angry, emotions. The actor could certainly be experiencing some flaming feelings.


Shia capitalized three words in his message: FLAME, ELECTRONIC, and EMOTION. This could determine the most valuable pieces of his code. At first bat, he's feeling angry over some emails. Or, maybe Shia is preparing to spew forth himself. Or, maybe it'll be the title of his debut album or something.

Pants On Fire

In the accompanying photo, a pair of pants burn on a grill. Liar, liar, pants on fire? LaBeouf could be labeling himself a liar here. He might actually want to be famous.

What do you think his tweet means? Leave your hypotheses in the comments below!

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