Drake And Kendrick Lamar Pay Tribute To Nipsey Hussle At Live Shows

Drake gave a sincere shout-out and Kendrick called for a moment of silence

Nipsey Hussle's sudden shooting death on March 31 shocked the world twice over. Although he had just released his debut studio album Victory Lap last year, he'd been an important figure in rap's playground for the better part of 10 years. There's been an amazing outpouring of support and respect for the rapper as the world mourns, both publically and privately. Drake and Kendrick Lamar each paid their respects to the rapper's memory in recent shows with heartfelt words that tug at the heartstrings.

Drake gave a sincere shoutout to the rapper on Monday night during the first show of his seven-night residency at the O2 Arena in London. He walked around the stage while speaking from the heart about Nipsey's character. "Somebody that provided for his people. Somebody that always treated you with respect when he saw you. Somebody that demanded respect when he walked in a room," Drake relayed to the crowd.

"So I really just want to do this shot for Nip tonight and I just want everybody to look around and be grateful and happy that we're all here together alive and well because life can end at any moment," he continued. "I just want to say I love you, I'm thankful to be here with you tonight. London, as long as you'll have me back I'll stand in the middle of this building and I'll give you everything I fucking got. Cheers to my brother. Rest easy, my G. London, I love you."

Kendrick, a man of fewer words who often lets the emotion speak for itself, took a slightly different approach. During his set at Lollapalooza Argentina 2019 on Sunday, the rapper asked for a moment of silence for Nipsey. "Keep your lights up, y'all," he implored. "I need a favor. Before we got on this stage, we got wind that our brother, our warrior, our soldier, Nipsey Hussle, passed away. So we want to take this time to truly give a moment of silence, can we do that?" Afterward, he asked for a chant. "Repeat after me," he commanded. "We love you Nipsey!" The crowd followed suit.

Check out videos of the rappers' live shows of respect above.

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