Pink Says She Will Perform Friday After Onstage Injury In Germany

'I will be on that stage, even if I have to crawl,' singer tweets after falling into stage barrier Thursday night.

[article id="1643811"]Pink had a bit of a scare[/article] during one of her high-flying stunts at a show in Nuremberg, Germany, on Thursday, when she fell into a stage barrier and was immediately rushed to the hospital. According to her Twitter updates from the hospital, however, she didn't break anything and was "just seriously sore."

"Okay. Full steam ahead, people," she tweeted on Friday morning (July 16), apparently determined to perform the same day in Salem, Germany. "No pain, no gain. Or is it no brain, no pain? Either way, I will be on that stage, even if I have to crawl:)"

During the opening bars of her hit "So What," a video posted online shows dancers helping Pink into her harness. "Shall we do it?" she asks the crowd. "I can't hear y'all! Are y'all ready?"

Then, she shouts "No! No!" as the wires pull her off the stage and she falls into the crowd. The music stops, as Pink says from beyond the camera's view, "Oh, f---, that hurt like a mother----er. Sorry."

Although the crowd's cheers die down considerably, some fans can still be heard screaming for the pop star while her crew and dancers work to figure out what is wrong with the singer. Eventually, after some moments pass, Pink is able to get up and make her way back on the stage where she still seems visibly in pain.

At press time, a rep for the singer had not returned MTV News' request for comment regarding her current condition or the status of Friday's show. But Pink's husband, Carey Hart, wrote on Twitter that she has already been released from the hospital and seemed confident that she would be ready for the concert. "She [will] better feel better soon, she has a show tomorrow!" he tweeted. "No, sriously, she is good. Just super banged up. One tough girl."

As for Pink, she is keeping in good spirits about the injury. After Hart wrote about her encounter with the barrier, she made light of the situation, writing, "Nooo! I WON!! RT @hartluck: Fyi@pink out of the hospital+ all good. Just got the shit kicked out of her by the barrier. Steel barrier-1 Pink-0."

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