Ryan Murphy Teases The ‘Most Fucked Up’ 'American Horror Story' Character Of All Time

Finn Wittrock returns to ‘AHS’ in his ‘most fucked up’ role yet

Brace yourselves, American Horror Story fans: After this week’s episode of Roanoke, nothing will be the same. Co-creator Ryan Murphy has been teasing a game-changing twist for weeks now, and with “Chapter 6” officially just one sleep away, the mastermind is revealing some major details about the season, starting with two shocking returns.

In an interview with E! Online, Murphy confirms that both Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock will return to AHS in the second half of the season, which kicks off Wednesday night. Murphy teased that fan-favorite Wittrock is playing the “most fucked up character of all time.” (That may sound hyperbolic, but with last week’s gruesome on-screen disembowelment, Roanoke has already established itself as the most fucked-up season of AHS.) Meanwhile, this season also marks Farmiga’s first appearance on the creepy anthology since Season 3’s Coven. Murphy described the part as “really, really great.”

“We love her,” Murphy added. “We’re very excited — she’s a part of our world and always will be, and I always wanted her to come back.”


Taissa Farmiga in AHS

Matt Bomer will also return for the latter half of Roanoke, but we know absolutely nothing about his role. As for Evan Peterswho made his memorable debut this season in last week’s episode — Murphy teased his upcoming performance in Episode 6, calling it his favorite thing he’s ever done.

“Evan Peters in Episode 6 is one of the greatest, most hilarious things Evan has ever done, and he loved it,” Murphy said. “He’s a very big, pivotal part of episode six, playing a completely different character than what we’ve seen him play.”


AHS Evan Peters

When it comes to that huge twist in “Chapter Six,” Murphy said that the bomb is dropped at the end of the third, adding, “You kind of are in disbelief at what the chyron on the screen is saying — and then that takes you into another world and the stakes are really, really, really high.”

In many ways, it sounds like the second half of this season will be a completely different show with a different narrative structure. (Based on the promo for Episode 6, I wouldn’t be surprised if AHS experimented with the found-footage genre.) According to Murphy, “things that you thought to be true about people are revealed to not be true.”

We’re officially halfway through the season, and I have no idea what’s going on or what’s about to happen. I am equal parts frustrated and enamored. (Sounds about right.)