New Additions: Here's The 411 On 'Young And Pregnant''s Kiaya And Rachel

The two have just arrived -- and are already bringing plenty of drama

Two new bellies faces, Kiaya and Rachel, started their Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant journeys during this week's premiere episodes. And we learned a bit more about these moms-to-be and their interesting (and complicated) family dynamics.

First, let’s start with Kiaya. The Virginia native has been dating her girlfriend Teazha for two years. But when Teazha cheated on her, Kiaya hooked up with a guy named X’Zayveon a few times. Then she got pregnant. Now, X’Zayveon is back in jail, Teazha and Kiaya are back together, and Teazha wants to raise her girlfriend’s son as if he were her own.

The girls’ relationship is pretty solid -- so much so that Kiaya’s mom let her move in and commute to school so she can help with the baby. But Kiaya still isn’t sure if her girlfriend realizes just how much work this baby is going to be.


“I just don’t think you understand the depth of the situation,” she said. “You have a choice if you want to be here or not. I do not have a choice. I don’t think you’re going to leave, but at the end of the day, people change and feelings change.”

However, Teazha promised her she’s not going anywhere and is going to help raise the child.

But most of Kiaya’s drama is with her ex’s mom Carla, who blamed her for the pregnancy, originally wanted Kiaya to get an abortion and has gotten physical with her in the past. Now, however, Carla wants to be in her grandson’s life, so Kiaya met up with her to try and smooth things over. But almost immediately, the ladies got into a verbal and then physical argument when Carla again blamed Kiaya for getting pregnant.


“All I wanted to do was tell my side of the story,” Kiaya said after things calmed down. “She did not care, and that’s messed up because I did not [get pregnant] by myself.”

Next up: Rachel, a reformed Tennessee party girl and mom-to-be who was seeing both her “in and out” ex Drew and his best friend Jacob when she got pregnant. She was disappointed to learn that Drew was the father of her unborn daughter, as she wasn’t confident he would be a regular presence in their daughter’s life.

“I want her to have her father in her life, but if he comes around and she gets attached and then ends up leaving, I’m not going to have her sitting there crying,” Rachel told a friend ahead of her baby shower. “I do not need him.”


Drew didn’t seem too keen on the idea of fatherhood and even blocked Rachel from contacting him, so she reached out to Jacob, who suddenly wanted to be involved in baby Hazelee’s life “because nobody else is going to.”

“I’ve always wanted her to be yours,” Rachel told Jacob. “You don’t have to be here for me, but you choose to. It takes a man to do that.”

So what do you think of the new Young and Pregnant additions? Do you believe Kiaya will build a healthy relationship with Carla? And will Rachel ever get support from Drew -- or will it come from Jacob? Tell us your predictions, then keep watching Tuesdays at 9/8c.