Veronica Mars: The Movie? Small Stars Ready For The Big Screen

I bumped into two girlfriends who had just seen the Sex and the City movie. They were disappointed with the film because Sarah Jessica Parker looked haggard and the costume designer already did the '80s thing to death during the TV series. I nodded my head empathetically, but I have to admit: I loved the movie. I loved spending a couple hours with my favorite scripted girlfriends. And like any good girlfriend, I'll ignore the flaws and just be grateful to have them. In fact, if they came out with a SATC movie every season, I'd be there. Don't give me that look.

Sometimes, the transition from television to movie works: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, The Brady Bunch (come on, it's funny), Charlie's Angels, Mission Impossible and The Fugitive come to mind.

Other times, not so much: Miami Vice, Bewitched, The Mod Squad and (gag) The Dukes of Hazzard.

I submit, then, for your consideration, my top picks for television shows that deserve to make the leap to the big screen:

The Sopranos: I'd like to see all of our favorite dead characters haunt Tony's dreams. Tony Jr. would try to take over the family business and fail miserably. Carmela could take all the money and leave town with some fabulous guy. Unfortunately, it's a long shot, since creator David Chase probably doesn't want to be seen as a one-hit wonder. Perhaps if his movie career doesn't take off, he'll consider giving us what we want.

Six Feet Under: The TV show's heart and humor would translate well to the big screen. Maybe they could do one of their freaky musical numbers where all the dead people break out into song and dance. Good times, my friends, good times.

The Wire: Though a fan fave, this one might have to be a prequel due to the way the series ended. But near the end, they gave us little glimpses of how some of the characters came to be who they are. Young Omar's compassion and already-gangster ways convinced me it'd be cool to follow his backstory -- the perfect opening for the film. Whatever they decided to do plot-wise, I'd watch it for sure.

Felicity: Don't roll your eyes; it's one of the best written shows of its genre. I'd want it to be narrated by someone else, though -- maybe Ben and Noel. Even though it was great that Ben and Felicity end up together in the television series, I felt kinda ripped off that she went back in time in the finale, which made the Noel thing not work. In the movie version, I'd like to see Felicity and Noel end up together. Just to mess things up a little.

Veronica Mars: You know you want it! I'd like to see Veronica actually go to Mars. Is that so much to ask?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Originally a mediocre movie, then a kick-ass TV show. So why not another go-round as a kick-ass movie?

Deadwood: Would be killah, wouldn't it? I'd like to see the ladies of Deadwood take over and transform the muddy, bare-bones town into a charming vacation spot. Over Al Swearengen's dead body, of course.

My So-Called Life: The series never had much of an on-air life and totally deserves to be resurrected. I still feel ripped off that ABC took that one off the air so unceremoniously. Wouldn't it be great to see Ms. Shmoopyface (Claire Danes) get her guy? But who would it be, the handsome, brooding Jordan Catalano or the dorky best friend? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hot on the high-heels of Sex and the City, there are gobs of small screen shows moving to the big screen. Word on the street is: The A-Team, Dallas, I Dream of Jeannie, Arrested Development (yay!),Magnum, P.I. and Chips are all in the works.

Also in development: The Love Boat. I mean really, if they're gonna go there, why not Fantasy Island? At least, for now, we can thank our lucky stars that we've escaped seeing The Golden Girls larger than life.

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