These People Had To Drink A Glass Of Beet Juice -- Without Bending Their Elbows

Things are getting messy on 'Broke A$$ Game Show.'

There are a lot of things we use that we don’t really need in order to consume a beverage or meal. For example: Drinks can be had without straws, tables are basically a luxury and heck, you don't even require teeth to swallow liquids. But how would you get anything in your tummy if you couldn't use your elbows?

During tonight's episode of "Broke A$$ Game Show," that exact thought occurred to hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff...and they just had to get to the bottom of this. Their plan? Bringing a game called "Stiff Arm" to the streets of NYC.

Here's how they set it up: Standing in front of a table of cups filled with soup, milk, Jell-O and beet juice, Derek explained the challenge to the contestants.

"All you gotta do is pound these four wonderful drinks." But, he warned, "You've gotta do it with our patented 'stiff arm.'"

The "stiff arm" is a cardboard device (patent pending) that prevents the user from bending their elbows. Imagine trying to down four glasses of yummy goo without any elbows. Does it seem messy? It should, because these substances are going to get all over the place.

Check out the video below to see just how sloppy things can get, tell us about the biggest mess you've ever made when playing with your food and don't miss “Broke A$$ Game Show” every Thursday at 10:30/9:30c.