Knoxville Spared Jessica From Sexual Antics On 'Dukes' Set

Seann William Scott says Nick Lachey wouldn't have appreciated his co-star's X-rated high jinks.

Think you've heard all the stories about hanky-panky during the filming of "The Dukes of Hazzard"? That you're already well-versed in rumors about just who Johnny Knoxville took advantage of and where?

Well, it turns out the stories circulating were about the wrong couple. According to co-star Seann William Scott, Knoxville's kissing cousin wasn't Jessica Simpson -- it was him. Kind of.

"Johnny Knoxville took advantage of me," Scott revealed.

Before you jump General Lee-style to any conclusions, let him explain. Since Scott plays Bo Duke, he's responsible for many of the driving stunts, while Knoxville, as his cousin Luke, gets to ride shotgun. So during those scenes, Knoxville came up with a way to both pass the time and rattle his co-star with a tried-and-true method from his "Jackass" days.

(Check out a General Lee stunt jump from all angles in "Anatomy of a Stunt," only on Overdrive.)

"I'm trying to drive the car, trying to pull stunts, and he'd go, 'Hey Seann, look over here,' " Scott said. "And he pulls his balls out in front of me. Like, seriously. A lot. All the time. What are you supposed to do there?"

The flashing didn't stop in the car. Knoxville soon escalated to walk-bys, where he'd walk with his script in front of him. He'd call out "Seann!" and then wave his script away to reveal his exposed testicles, "just to be crazy," Scott said. "You know, I thought before this movie, it was like, I don't consider myself to be a guy who's playing with a full deck. It's not like I'm 'Full Metal Jacket' crazy, but I definitely have my moments. But Johnny Knoxville is on a whole other planet of crazy."

Anatomy Of A Stunt:

"Your Movie Show" relived the General Lee's very first jump. See it from all angles, only on Overdrive.

Scott didn't dare flash back, he said, "because I knew I'd be the one to be caught, and there would be lawsuits. ... There's a rumor that we flashed Jessica, but we never did. Now I wish we would have, but maybe Nick [Lachey] wouldn't have dug that. Bad idea."

As much as Scott thought he was suffering alone, some of the moments were enjoyed by other members of the cast and crew. One is even included in a blooper reel that runs during the credits, which also features several stunts gone awry (perhaps due to Knoxville's, um, distractions?). But no matter how dangerous it all looks, both Knoxville and Scott swear that everything was under control, even a particularly hair-raising stunt in which Knoxville rides a metal safe that's being dragged at top speed behind a tow truck.

"It's not a real 'Jackass' kind of stunt," Knoxville said. "On 'Jackass,' we just had to fail, and with this, we had to succeed. But we had it down pretty good. There was a little bit of chafing in the harness, but luckily, there's talcum. Plus we were wearing condoms at all times."

"Yes, we practiced safe stunts," Scott promised.

"Bar fights, stunt driving -- it's like a little boy's dream," Knoxville said.

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