Here's What An 'Are You The One?' Dream Wedding Might Look Like

Amber and Ethan are gearing up to say 'I do,' and this is how we envision their big day.

As we gear up for tonight's "Are You The One?" reunion special (celebratory Oreos and wine coolers await!), we can't help but look back on the last special that aired...and ended with one awww-worthy surprise engagement between Ethan and Amber.

The couple has barely had a moment to rest since they were one of the first successful matches last season, and life won't be slowing down anytime soon as they enter parenthood. With Amber due in December, the pair recently decided to alter their wedding plans, telling Us Weekly, "We were planning on getting married Spring 2015; however, after having our little miracle, it felt somewhat selfish to be budgeting for a wedding. We decided on having a small, private wedding this fall but also plan to throw a big wedding sometime next year with our baby."

Babies and nuptials, oh my! We. Can't. Wait. Until then, we're gonna let our imaginations run wild with what the first (of hopefully many) "Are You The One?" unions might look like:

The venue


The duo would no doubt get hitched on a beach in Hawaii! It's where they met, after all.

Those light beams


As soon as the officiant says, "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Diamond," 10 beams of light would shine brightly behind the couple because...obvi.

The decor

Ethan and Amber's reception style might resemble that of the match-up ceremony -- soft lighting, Oriental-inspired umbrellas, decorative lanterns and plush, intimate seating for the guests.

The bridesmaids

Mario Perez


Amber continues to keep in touch with Season 1 "AYTO" veteran Jess and has also befriended fellow Texas native and Season 2 castie Ashley. One thing's for sure — Kayla probably won't be repping Amber's tight-knit lady circle.

The groomsmen

Mario Perez


Ethan's best men could include pals like Ryan and Wes from last season, and maaaaybe even show host Ryan Devlin.

Sweet treats

Snow cones! Naturally.

The reception dress code


Post-ceremony, the guests shall don their most pristine white attire as a throwback nod to the White Party...minus the drama.

A private Boom Boom Room as a courtesy to the guests

Just kidding.

+ How do you see the lovebird's big day shaping up? Sound off in the comments, and see more of Amber and Ethan on the "Are You The One? Special Delivery" tonight at 10/9c!