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Katy Perry's New Burning Man Pic Is Fiery

We see what you did there, Katy.

Katy Perry is done cruising through the sand at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada right now -- because, well, it's over. But before she left, she made a little vehicle swap and ditched her Segway for a much more practical beach bicycle -- a smart move considering how fail she was on the two-wheeled electric vehicle.

But even though she wisely traded in her ride, the pop star still kept her fierce desert warrior theme going on the wardrobe front -- with a little twist that totally turned up the heat.

Behold, "Burning Woman," Perry's fire-clad alter ego fitted with monster-sized boots, a two-piece flame-covered mini with matching bondage straps and, of course, a cat-themed face mask to protect both her identity and eyes from flying sand.

Katy's never been short on wild costume ideas made just for the occasion, but this ... this is something special.