The Long, Dark 'House Of Cards' Theme Song Now Has Lyrics

… courtesy of Father John Misty

For four seasons, House of Cards has opened every episode with ominous theme music that perfectly sets fans up for the darkness ahead. But as fittingly tense and patriotic as the instrumental is, it’s also kinda boring and WAY too long. (Sorry, but someone had to say it.)

Apparently, indie veteran/supposed HOC superfan Father John Misty agreed, because he’s finally decided to do what someone should’ve done three seasons ago: He penned “official” lyrics to Jeff Beal’s helpfully titled “House of Cards (Main Title Theme).” Fresh off his songwriting credits on Beyoncé’s Lemonade cut “Hold Up,” FJM flexes his flair for drama while referencing certain plot points from the show (consider that your spoiler warning).

“The blogs are closing in”? Damn ... this is some dark stuff, y'all. I can only imagine what he'd do with the Game of Thrones theme. Play HOC's opening credits below and see if you can sing along.