Name Game: 'Teen Wolf' Gave A HUGE Clue About Stiles' Real Moniker

Can you guess the high school student's true identity?

Oh, the tangled webs those "Teen Wolf"-ers weave -- and the jaw-dropping things we're learning thanks to these developments. LIKE STILES' REAL NAME.

Let's briefly recap the latest happenings before delving into the clue we received centered around one of the greatest "TW" mysteries: Deceit and lies are flying left and right in Beacon Hills, and we fear it may tear Scott and his friends apart. *sad face* The latest (and perhaps biggest) fib surrounds Stiles and the major part he played in Donovan's death-slash-disappearance. A refresher: The Dreads transformed Donovan into a flesh-eating wendigo, who then used his vendetta against Sheriff Stilinski to attack Stiles. The criminal-turned-cannibal proceeded to insult the sheriff, which drove Stiles to commit murder (murder may be harsh -- let's call it self-defense). Stiles then called the police and swiftly left the scene, keeping the entire incident a secret from everyone... minus Theo, who somehow knows all the things.

Fast-forward to Monday night when Deputy Clark uncovered details from the 911 call, specifically, key cards of the students who were at the library that night -- Stiles and Theo. When prodded by the sheriff, Stiles claimed he "lost" his keycard "a couple weeks ago." Make that lie no. 152. Poor Stiles. Then we see THIS:


Whaaaaat!!! A clue about Stiles' REAL NAME thanks to this ID! Our minds = blown. Details surrounding Stiles' childhood and the death of his mother have slowly come to light throughout previous seasons -- but this is the first time we've gotten a glimpse of his moniker.

What does the "M" stand for? Max? Melvin? Mortimer? Comment with your theories, and catch an all-new episode Monday at 10/9c!

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