Nathan Kress Is A Horror Movie Hero In Exclusive 'Tell Me How I Die' Clip

He'd rather perish than ditch his friend while a murderer's on the loose

If you have to be trapped in a house of horrors, you definitely want to be stuck with Nathan Kress. In Tell Me How I Die, Kress plays college student Den, who gets way more than he bargained for after agreeing to participate in a memory drug trial — namely, running for his life as someone in the program goes on a murder spree.

In this exclusive clip, Kress vehemently refuses to leave his friend Anna (Virginia Gardner) behind while a killer's running amok. Anna continues to have visions of people's deaths, so she urges Den to get the hell outta there to prevent him from dying (duh). But because chivalry is actually not dead, Den declares he's not going anywhere without her. You can practically hear "I Need a Hero" playing softly in the distance. Check out the clip below.

Tell Me How I Die arrives in select theaters and On-Demand September 16

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