Kendall Jenner Mounts Cara Delevingne For 'Love' Magazine Cover

Last night, at the British Fashion Awards—where, seriously, everyone and their mother was in attendance—Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner were hanging out, posing for photographs like BFFs do, and catching up with Harry Styles. As one does, you know.

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Then, this morning, mere hours after the BFAs, Kendall and Cara waltzed down the Chanel Métiers d'Art Show together in Austria, hand in hand.

They even had matching hair bows. If you weren't totally, 100% convinced of their best friend/dancing girl emoji status, prepare to get there. Kendall just teased a brand new Love Magazine cover—that's not dropping until February!—and they are definitely very close.

The cover, quite literally, is a photo of Kendall on Cara. There's a lot of hair, a lot of arms, and very little face, but we'd recognize those brows anywhere. Sure, you can't see Kendall's face, but since Love tagged her on Instagram, it feels safe to assume that is, in fact, her.

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While the issue isn't on sale for an entire two months—!!!—we're hopeful that if they're teasing it this early, there will be more to come. If nothing else, at least, Kendall's advent calendar shoot is coming our way—maybe Cara will make a guest appearance? We can hope.

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