Rihanna's 'We Found Love' Gets R3hab Treatment

Dutch DJ/producer talks to MTV News about his 'XS' remix of the hit song and teases one more 'for the ladies.'

As Rihanna's mega-single [article id="1673696"]"We Found Love"[/article] continues its chart-topping run, dance music fans have been raving over a string of recent remixes. While superstar DJ/producer [article id="1635382"]Calvin Harris[/article] created the song's euphoric pop/house beat, beatmakers like Cahill, Chuckie and R3hab have cooked up club-ready versions of the track.

MTV News recently caught up with R3hab -- Harris' buddy and Afrojack's mentee -- and he talked about his new "We Found Love (XS Remix)" of the song. He also revealed that an additional version for "the ladies" is in the pipeline.

"It's a 'Halloween'-style [remix]," R3hab explained of the darker tone heard on the "XS" mix released on Tuesday. "I made two versions ... one version is more melodic and euphoric. This [first] one is more dark because the lyrics [to] 'We Found Love' can also be seen as something dark. 'We are at the end of the world/ And I still found love.' So from there came the more darker chord progression and the more darker atmosphere, like Dracula is coming to get you. It's just got a lot of emotion and that worked out great for me."

R3hab plans to follow up the "XS" cut with a "Surrender" remix; both tracks are named after popular Las Vegas club parties.

" 'XS' is more the 'ravey' night," R3hab (born Fadil El Ghoul) explained. "And 'Surrender' is more for the [hotel] pool, for the girls. I call it 'one for the boys, and one for the ladies.' The boys' is the hard-rocking 'Halloween' version and the other version is more for the ladies; more vocal." The Dutch DJ went on to compare the guys' tune to being at the Insomniac festival event in San Bernadino, California: "Like at Escape from Wonderland when 50,000 kids are raving in front of you, you want to play the hard version. And when you're playing the small, more intimate club, you wanna play the one that's for the ladies."

Chuckie, Cahill and R3hab's "We Found Love" remix package is out now. Although the release date for R3hab's "Surrender" cut is still undetermined, fans should keep all eyes on R3hab, who's got a monster remix for Katy Perry on the way as well as plans to team up with Afrojack for a follow-up to "Prutataaa."