J. Lo To Butt Heads With J. Fonda In 'Monster-In-Law'

Other upcoming projects include films with Gere, Redford.

Jennifer Lopez may seem to be lying low, at least compared to last

year's "Bennifer"-mania, but she's actually hard at work on several new

films, including one in which she co-stars with Jane Fonda.

On Lopez's plate are "Jersey Girl" (with Ben Affleck), "Shall We

Dance" (with Richard Gere), "An Unfinished Life" (with Robert Redford

and Morgan Freeman) and the thriller "Tick Tock."

Lopez will also tackle the romantic comedy "Monster-in-Law." Production

on the film, in which a woman's idyllic engagement hits the skids when

she meets her future mother-in-law, begins in May with director Robert

Luketic ("Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" and "Legally Blonde") at the


"It's an interesting, emotionally complex piece about two very strong

women coming together and forcing the other to like her despite the

fact that she doesn't," Luketic explained.

Jane Fonda, who hasn't hit the big screen since 1990's "Stanley &

Iris," was tapped for the title role. The Australian-born director said

Lopez held off signing on to the project until the two actors met and

realized they were on the same creative page.

"I'm sitting down in a restaurant, waiting for her to arrive, and

standing before me is Barbarella, and Bree from 'Klute,' two amazing

movies," Luketic said of meeting Fonda. "It was a really cool

experience, a Hollywood highlight for me."

Before Luketic finds out if his work with Fonda and Lopez amazes, he'll deliver "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" to theaters on January 30.

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