Artist To Watch: Jake Miller Wants You

Do you have what it takes to join the Millertary?

"Growing up I used to dream about the life," Jake Miller kicks off 2012's "What I Wouldn't Give." Two EPs, one full-length album and nearly three years later, the dreams of our latest Artist To Watch edge closer and closer toward reality.

And he knows he didn't do it alone. With each new video Jake uploads onto the Internet, his fan army -- who have since been dubbed "the Millertary" -- gains new recruits. Now, on the verge of his next release, here's everything you should know about Jake Miller -- you know, in case you haven't already enlisted.

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Who He Is

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Born in Miami and brought up in the South Florida suburb of Weston, Jake's career began picking up steam in 2011, a year that, among other cool stuff, included opening for Snoop Dogg (!) and snagging the grand prize at a T-Mobile/Samsung promotional contest called Kick It With The Band.

The next year saw the release of Miller's debut EP, Spotlight, followed by The Road Less Traveled EP and his first full-length album, Us Against Them, in 2013. His latest single, "First Flight Home," dropped in July, and -- oh, look at that! We're back to the present.

Why You Should Listen To Him

Feeling down about something? Like, so bummed that you don't even want to leave your room? While I fully respect your right to stay in bed, wrapped in a blanket burrito of bummed-ness, try listening to some of Jake's songs, like 2013's "Collide," instead.

Toeing the line between personal and anthemic, his signature brand of pop-leaning rap -- which Jake describes as "very positive and inspiring" -- might give you that inspirational push you need to put on pants and greet the day.

What You Need To Listen To

Check out Miller's latest single, "First Flight Home." During his "Live From MTV" special in August, the Florida native shared that he crafted the track to help himself cope with the long distance required of his work.

"There's people back home -- I've had a girlfriend for a long time, my friends, my family -- whenever I'm gone for months at a time, I always miss them. Texting and phone calls aren't enough, and that's kind of why I wrote this song."

Download A Free, Acoustic Version Of "First Flight Home" Here

What You DON'T Need To Know About Him -- But Why Not?

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Speaking of "Live From MTV," we learned so many completely unnecessary, yet totally amazing, factoids about Jake during the special.

Like, did you know that he might be the nation's foremost Tyler Posey portraitist? And that he can whip out a killer impression of Iggy Azalea? (Or, at least a killer impression of Joe Pesci doing an impression of Iggy Azalea.) Oh yeah, and out of all the characters on "Sex And The City," he identifies with cougar queen Samantha Jones the most. Somehow that came up!

What's Next

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While details are still scarce as to what the "A Million Lives" rapper has in store, he did say that "there's a lot of good music hiding in the Jake Miller vault" during "Live From MTV" -- some of which might even feature Jason Derulo and Timeflies.

He wasn't sure if all that good music would result in an album, an EP or a follow-up single to "First Flight Home," but, whatever it is, expect it "within a few months."

Adding that his new material will be "a lot more mature" and feature more singing than previous releases, Jake concluded: "All I can do is make sure that I love the music and hope that the fans do also."

Millertary? Forward, march.

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