Eminem Reveals Title Of New LP: 'Relapse'

MC reveals title at book-release party in New York.

Guess who's back?

Some four years after the release of his last full studio album, 2004's Encore, confirmed Wednesday night that his new LP will be called Relapse. Em made the announcement during a launch party for his new autobiography, "The Way I Am," and previewed a track from the effort, titled "I'm Having a Relapse," which kicks off with the familiar lyric "Guess who's back?," before he launches into his trademark flow.

While rumors have suggested the disc would be dubbed King Mathers, among other titles, the reclusive Eminem put those rumors to rest Wednesday in an interview with Angea Yee from the rapper's Sirius Satellite channel, Shade 45.

"There are a lot of fake album titles floating out there -- a lot of bullsh-- titles," he told Yee. "The real title of my album that's coming out is called Relapse."

Various media reports suggest the title may actually be R3LAPSE, but Eminem has not yet confirmed the spelling of the disc's name. Some reports suggest that the album will be released after 's Before I Self Destruct hits stores December 9; Eminem, recently chosen by the readers of Vibe as the [article id="1596451"]best rapper alive[/article], will be making a guest appearance on that effort.

While no release date for the album has been announced, 50 Cent and members of G-Unit have said it's coming soon. 50, who was on hand for the event, referred to the release of his forthcoming album, Before I Self Destruct, then Relapse; and then, presumably in 2009, 's oft-delayed Detox as a "three-headed monster," and said, "It's a story actually ...Before I Self Destruct, I'll Relapse, then Detox."

member [article id="1597153"]Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid told MTV News[/article] similar info recently, and provided some details on the albums. Early last month, 50 Cent hinted that Em's sixth was on the way.

"You'll be seeing him shortly," the rapper told the BBC. "He's working. I spent the weekend at his house. Even though he tries to relax and stay home, it's impossible for him to stay in. A lot of material he wrote prior to this is being scrapped. He's got to feel like it's just happened, it's new and it's current. That's just how he is creatively as an artist."

[This story was originally published at 11:16 am E.T. on 10.16.08]

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