Cody Simpson Says 'Surfboard' Is His Thing, But Beyonce Can Have It Too

'I've been writing about surfboards my whole life,' Simpson tells MTV News.

Cody Simpson may have been booted off "Dancing with the Stars," but that didn't stop him from showing off his fancy footwork in his latest music video for "Surfboard."

Simpson has seemingly grown up overnight, showing off his sexy side in the super steamy clip.

"I co-directed that video actually," Simpson told MTV News, admitting he feels free of any creative restrictions that he had in the past. "I had a vision for the video to stay true to my Australian boy roots. I've been surfing my whole life just growing up in that culture."

Yet, there were some distractions while on set, mainly in the form of Simpson's Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. They've been dating since spring 2013.

"Working with my girl makes it so much more comfortable. I've never had a girlfriend in a music video before..." Simpson said. "I thought, might as well have the girl in that inspired the song, and it just made the chemistry so natural. Some scenes where they didn't end up putting in the video was us kissing or whatever, but we ended up shooting those scenes as options, and they ended up yelling 'cut,' and we didn't stop."

And even though the kissing scenes may have ended up on the cutting room floor, you could still tell these two have some serious chemistry as they splashed in the water and got sexy on the beach giving us a deja vu of Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love," who also has a love for surfboards (or in her case, "Surfboart").

"I think Beyonce kind of made surfboard a sexual innuendo that people wouldn't necessarily have picked up on if my song had come out without her using that term," Simpson said. "I've been writing about surfboards my whole life. All of my albums have been Surfer's Paradise or something like that, so I mean honestly I had the idea. I love Beyonce's album, I love that song and I was like if there was any time to release that song it was now since this term is a part of pop culture, which is exciting for me being a surfer myself."