We Spotted These Celebs #WearingOrange For National Gun Violence Awareness Day, And They Look Gooood

Julianne Moore, Sarah Silverman, Perez Hilton and others want us to talk about gun violence ... and take action.

On June 2, MTV and many parts of the Internet (and real life!) have gone orange for the very first National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The event was created in honor of Hadiya Pendleton, who lost her life to gun violence at the age of fifteen.

Some people are wearing orange in honor of specific loved ones they lost to gun violence. Others want to use this as a stepping off point to talk about gun policies that will make everyone safer. This includes the possibility of using universal background checks to prevent people convicted of violent crimes from owning guns, and making sure guns in the house are secured and out of reach of children.

Here are a number of celebrities who got their orange on in Twitterverse.

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