Bow Wow Celebrates New Album With Special Concert For Fans

MC throws album-release party for 'New Jack City II' in New York.

NEW YORK -- [artist id="1219435"]Bow Wow[/artist] may have left the "Lil" behind, but his concert on Tuesday night proved that the rapper is still a hit with screaming young girls. Bow celebrated the release of [article id="1608168"]New Jack City II[/article] with a party at Santos Party House.

While most artists opt for 21-and-older venues with V.I.P sections for their album-release festivities, Bow Wow decided to give back to his fans with a special public concert hosted by MySpace.

Fans were packed behind barricades waiting to get into the show on the chilly night, but most didn't seem to mind.

One fan, Stella, said she's been a Bow Wow fan ever since she can remember and already "loves" the new album. "I love all of the songs. I just love Bow Wow!" she screamed.

Another fan, Jada Newman, referred to Bow Wow as her "husband" and swore she was the MC's "number-one fan."

The love between Bow Wow and his fans is mutual.

"If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here." he told MTV News on the red carpet. "To have seven album and be 22 [years old], that means a lot ... and it's only right that I invite [the fans] and MySpace and everybody out here. I'm just happy to be a part of the whole situation," he said.

Photographers flashed away at the young artist as he arrived at around 10 p.m., dressed in a black hoodie and black baseball cap, paired with the traditional rap uniform: baggy jeans and bling. Bow kept his sunglasses on for photos while joking he was covering up a black eye.

Bow Wow promised a more grown-up sound on New Jack City II and hailed it as his favorite of the seven studio albums he's released.

"[There's] nothing like current music, that's always the key and I'm just happy to have music that represents me."

Inside, Bow Weezy hit the stage armed with the swagger and confidence of older MCs, but he was met with the kind of crying and shrieking you might see at a Jonas Brothers concert.

"How many of you guys have the new album?" The fans responded in excitement and Bow Wow proceeded to dedicate the next song to T.I. On the new album Bow Wow collaborates with T.I. for the upbeat track, "Been Doin' This."

The screams only got louder when mentor/ producer [artist id="450135"]Jermaine Dupri[/artist] joined Bow Wow onstage. The duo continued to put their beef to rest and performed the hits "Rock the Mic" and the remix version of "Oh I Think They Like Me." While JD stepped aside to enjoy the music from offstage, Bow Wow forged on with "Fresh Azimiz," as well as songs from his new album.

Onstage, Bow-Wow teased the crowd with his smile and his muscles, wiping sweat from his brow and throwing the towel into the audience. "How many of ya'll have been rocking with me since day one?" he asked the crowd. Not only did the question get a screaming response, but Bow Wow put down his mic and the crowd sang the lyrics to "Bounce With Me" from his debut LP, Beware of Dog.

So what's left for Bow Wow [article id="1589101"]after seven albums, movies[/article] and legions of screaming fans?

"What's next? Getting more money, I guess," he laughed.