The Ballad Of Joe And Love Will Continue In 'You' Season 3

The series was officially confirmed for another season

Joe Goldberg (or Will Bettelheim?) is stalking his way back to Netflix for a third season of You.

On Tuesday (January 14), Netflix confirmed the creepy series had officially been renewed for a third season. Unfortunately, there's no premiere date or release window as far as when we can expect the thousand-yard stares and self-important narration to return, so we'll be waiting around to see when we can plan our next binge session for that.

But one thing's for sure right now: we're in for some more seriously sinister shenanigans thanks to Joe's creepy self.

If you watched all of Season 2, you'll likely remember a certain huge bombshell that capped off the latest round of episodes. It's unclear how things will play out from there (no spoilers here!) but it's likely the next season will continue "Will's" Los Angeles story in ways that we won't be expecting.

And of course we want to know more about Joe in general, if that does happen to be his real name. What drives him to act the way he does? Why can't he just...get right? It's high time we found out more about his past beyond the glimpses afforded to us previously.

Whatever ends up happening, it's clear that Joe won't be getting his own happy ending. According to actor Penn Badgley, Joe will never be content because he's a serial killer. Duh!

"Joe is never going to be happy — because he’s a murderer," he told Vogue. "That’s where I feel like we all get a little lost, but actually it’s right there in front of you. He’s never going to be happy or accept anyone, end of story. And yet somehow it’s not the end of the story, and people keep watching."

Of course we're going to keep watching. Just like Joe and his latest victim, we simply can't tear our eyes away.

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