Green Day Say Grammy Win Came At The 'Sweetest Time'

'Putting out '21st Century Breakdown' and getting recognized for it and all the success that it's had, it feels really great,' Billie Joe Armstrong tells MTV News.

[artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist] have been here before. But after winning Best Rock Album at the 2010 Grammy Awards for 21st Century Breakdown, singer Billie Joe Armstrong said this victory was even better than the first time.

"I have to say that this is the sweetest time ... I think just the pressure coming off American Idiot," he said, referring to the first time the veteran punk band took home the honor, for their 2004 concept album. "Then putting out 21st Century Breakdown and getting recognized for it and all the success that it's had, it feels really great."

Armstrong also raved about [article id="1630881"]Lady Gaga's performance with Elton John[/article], which opened Sunday night's Grammy show.

The trio had a rock summit in the press area with Record of the Year winners Kings of Leon, whose three victories made Green Day feel good about the modern state of rock. The members of the groups exchanged handshakes and good wishes in a passing of the torch from one former wild-child act to the next.

"I thinks it's pretty exciting that Kings of Leon won," bassist Mike Dirnt said. "It's good for rock and roll."

As usual, Armstrong said, the band is working on new material, but there's no timetable yet for the follow-up to Breakdown.

"We're always writing songs all the time, but we don't know what, when or where a record's gonna come out. But a couple years down the line, it's gonna get real serious."

As for what's next tonight, drummer Tre Cool was overheard saying, "Drinks."

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