Joe Manganiello Shares An Up-Close Look Of His Villainous 'Justice League' Role

Spoiler: It is not this creepy looking dude in the background

In spite of Justice League underperforming in its first couple of weeks in theaters, members of the cast and the DCEU at large are looking forward — and that includes Joe Manganiello, who's set to join the action as a villain to look out for in movies to come.

The actor — best known for playing Alcide, the werewolf with a heart of gold, on HBO's True Blood — makes an appearance in a post-credits moment of Justice League as Deathstroke, as explained by Entertainment Weeky. The slice-happy assassin is listening to Lux Luthor plot a crew full of bad guys to take on the Justice League, and it seems like he'll be whipping out his swords in a future DC flick ASAP.

As there wasn't a ton to go on in that brief sneak preview, Manganiello gave eager fans one of his own via Instagram.

Does this mean Deathstroke will take on the Dark Knight in The Batman? We'll have to wait and see, but one thing's for sure — Manganiello is looking forward to his own major action moment.